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Two Phones one game

Link two phones over WiFi

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Link Your Phone.

No need to share a phone. Their finger wont touch your screen. 😀

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How Chess Timer Works

Two phone linked over the internet.

Setup The Game

Choose the game type and time on the host phone.


Scan the Code

The second phone scans the QR code from the host.



Play as you would normally using your phone as the clock. Both phones are kept in sync

Your Phone is Untouched

Yon don't want someone touching your phone. Now they wont need to. .

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Our server is designed around the statistical probability that service availability will be 99.9999% (6x9s) - just 31s of downtime per year. To account for real-world behavior, the lowest SLA we design around is 99.999% (5x9s) - 5 minutes 15 seconds of downtime per year.
From our customers

Now I don't need to touch other people's phones and they don't touch mine.

Alex 1200 rated

Standard Features

Game Types

Bullet, Blitz, Rapid. Want more just tell us 😀


No account or sign up needed.


We are adding stats in the next version.


Yes, you will be able to export your stats.

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We are currently running a open beta. Email us, a human will read it and respond: