QR Sidekick

Scan directly into your Google Sheets.

No More Copy & Paste

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Your Sidekick For Google Sheets.

Scan from your phone directly into a Google Sheet. Formulas and macros run. 😀

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It's a time saver.

We can have multiple staff scanning at once and my sheet updates.
Larry  -  Alabama
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How QR Sidekick Works

This shouldn't be complex.


We have an account, just share one spreadsheet with us. We don't need anything more.



Scans update the sheet as you scan.



Done scanning? Just take away the permission from the sheet. No account needed.

No Public Access

You share just the spreadsheet you want updated with just one of our accounts. When your done just stop sharing. No login required. We don't access your GSuite.

Less is more.

Once the setup is done I just scan. The main spreadsheet is updated after each scan.
Kelly  -  New York
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Access Control

There are a lot of things QR Sidekick doesn't do. It wont share your data, track you or ask for personal information. It wont ask for access to all your files and access to your drive, you don't even need to login.

It works.

It scans, it updates there doesn't need to be a novel about it.
James  -  Ohio

QR Sidekick Standard Features

Bar Codes

You see it, we scan it. 😀

Live Updates

Spreadsheet is updated on every scan.


There's no CSV or export or copy/paste. It's scan and done.

Easy Permissions

Just share the one sheet you want updated.

Learn More

We are currently doing regular updates. Email us directly support@rightclick.com.au