ESUN Cleaning Filament Review


I have already destroyed a nozzle on my Lulzbot Taz 5, through my own stupidity, so when the the ESun Cleaning Filament was available and in stock I gave it a try.

I found it on Amazon for about $10. Compared to a clogged nozzle it is a good deal. For $10 this is what you get. Notice the lack of instructions.


I did not have a clog but I did notice none of my cold pulls were not the shape that they should be and it was a matter or time before I clogged it.


After unwrapping the ESun Cleaning Filament you can feel it is not smooth and is a little soft, almost rubbery but not quite. The filament feels almost serrated like it would actually clean the print barrel


I heated the nozzle to 230 and started extruding by hand and then tightening the tension rods and using software to force the ESun Cleaning Filament into the nozzle. Big mistake. The filament is too soft, and will curl up if forced. Stick to manually forcing it through.


After manually feeding at 230-260 degrees I could see a lot of colored PLA coming through. Once it was clean I let it cool to 130 and then pulled it out. Releasing even more colored PLA.


I repeated the process a few times until I was getting very little muck out. I was only extruding and pulling clean cleaning filament.


After printing some more PLA I did a cold pull and got a near perfect nozzle shaped cone with no color distortion.


So buy some now and keep it as insurance for when you need it. It’s a cheap investment for your printer.