How to use a Tally & Click Counter


Tally is a click counter that can be used as a clicker to count people at events or locations, as an inventory or stock counter. it can even be used for workouts. People have used it at sporting events to count pitches..

In order to use the app you can just start clicking, there is no setup. click the big button at the top to increment your counter by one, and click the big button at the bottom to decrement it. Double taps are supported as well as the larger increment buttons. Finally you can edit the count directly in the options screen.

All counters are stored anonymously on Google’s servers so you can use any supported device. Only the pro version will keep a running history of every tally for export..

Other Click Counter Uses

Clicker counters can be used by

  • Teachers to count children.
  • Staff to check occupancy limits.
  • Sporting events.
  • Display wait times.
  • Inventory where counting products..

Pro Version

Our pro version keeps a record of every event on every device. Each devices is named and every activity stamped. Logs can be viewed online or exported. There is an API to subscribe or view the current count if you need to integrate in to a application for display or further processing..