The Great Hosting Migration.


This website has been online since 1995 and had more than one migration. This migration is moving off a hosting provider and onto a complete Google stack. That involves removing Wordpress and migrating everything to Astro. It’s now hosted on Firebase which brings a whole new set of challenges.

Why move?

Wordpress is fine, just not for me. It’s something I don’t want to spend time learning as the ROI for me comes out as pretty much a waste of time. It’s also expensive for something I don’t like.

Why Firebase Hosting?

I use the Google stack for nearly everything so its good to eat your own dog food as they say. It does have a few drawbacks, the main one being that you can’t partially deploy as site. This is a problem when I’m used to ftping the files I need to using GitHub actions to push out parts as needed. This is the biggest stumbling block.

Google Stack?

Firebase hosting doesn’t do everything I need so I mixed in some cloud run and I’m saving up to afford the load balancer which is about $20/month. So yes there is some docker behind some of the pages here just to get it working the way I want.

Why Astro?

Really there are a lot of frameworks to use. Astro was just in the right place at the right time.

What’s up with the CSS & Design?

It’s still a work in progress as I learn from from Kevin Powell. One of the reasons to move to Astro was to learn and write more CSS. I think CSS is good enough now we don’t need the likes of bootstrap and tailwind.

Continuous Improvement

This site gets better each time I publish. It’s not 100% perfect today, but every improvement compounds over time.