2023 VSCode Extensions.


Everyday Extensions

Theses are in pretty much required for me to get work done.

AstroBecause I use Astro
Better CommentsMakes comments stand out when you need them to.
Code Spell CheckerSpend a few moments to customize and it’s awesome.
DartBecause I Flutter.
FlutterBecause I Flutter.
Flutter Widget SnippetsBecause I Flutter.
Error LensCan be annoying but works well with spell checker.
Gremlins TrackerFinds those weird Unicode characters than can ruin your day.
Javascript and Typescript NightlyWe all need all the typescript we can get.
MDXBecause ASTRO uses MDX
MDX InlineBecause ASTRO uses MDX
MDX PreviewBecause ASTRO uses MDX
Numbered BookmarksI’ve loved this feature since the Delphi days.
PeacockSo all the VSCode instances don’t look the same.
PrettierSo my code looks it’s best
Remote TunnelsSo I can run VS Code locally don’t need to use it via VNC on my Mac
Remote Explorer
SVG PreviewWith this I was using IE 11
TODO HighlightMake them stand out
TODO TreeI have not really used it but I should
Vue Language Features (Volar)For using Vue 3

Color Theme

I wrote my own with the help of Theme Studio It’s like all the other dark themes but the active tab is clearly marked and the comments are bright.